RRS recovers with Recovery World help

At the beginning of 2007 RRS Recovery seemed doomed almost before it got off the ground! Their sole recovery truck, a Mercedes 814 tri-loader, was stolen within days of them setting up the business in December 2006. Fortunately the close-knit recovery community immediately came to the rescue! Many recovery operators kept a look out, while spreading the word about the theft. And Recovery World publicised details of the stolen vehicle on their highly popular website, free of charge. As a result the police found the vehicle in just three days! “Fortunately the truck was back on the road pretty quickly, enabling us to stay in business,” says Anthony Sparrow, co-owner of RRS along with his wife, Becky. “Since then we’ve been working very hard to develop the business – based in York city centre – and, as a result, we now operate a fleet of eight recovery vehicles and two service vans. Two of the vehicles are ‘heavies’ so we can recover everything from motor bikes to 44t commercials and PSVs,” Anthony points out. “We bought all of them through Recovery World, and it must be said that the quality of their service and the vehicles they sourced on our behalf really helped us to get to where we are today. As a result Recovery World are now our regular vehicle suppliers!” “We simply can’t fault the Recovery World service…they are always there on the end of the phone any time of day or night (or so it seems!) and they’re totally reliable. In fact we have now built up such a level of trust that we bought our past two trucks ‘sight unseen.’ We just rang Recovery World, told them what we wanted and they did the rest. Needless to say the vehicles they came up with were perfect for our needs…and at the right price!” “We’re now main agents for Green Flag, Mondial, Britannia Rescue and a number of other major organisations in the York area, with business still growing rapidly as a result. So we simply don’t have the time to source recovery vehicles, view them, sort out the paperwork and so on. We rely on Recovery World to do all that for us…and we’ll continue to do so for the foreseeable future.” More information on RRS can be found at www.rrs-recovery.com