Uaw Local 160 Agreement

The UAW has reached a preliminary agreement with General Dynamics Corp., a leading U.S. defense firm. The Virginia-based company has 2,000 UAW members at production sites in Sterling Heights; Lima, Ohio; And Scranton, Pennsylvania. A rejection will no doubt mean returning to the negotiating table. In 2015, members of the ACF union rejected the provisional contract. The UAW negotiating team met to identify the issues and returned to the negotiating table to renegotiate. It took another two weeks, but the renegotiated provisional agreement was adopted by 77%. “A lot of people say a lot of things, but their wallet dictates a lot of what they`re going to do and it`s a great deal,” Yakim said. “But I have a chip on my shoulder above what happened (with Lordstown).” If the National Council approves the provisional contract, local union officials will be summoned with the base to explain the conditions. Members of Local 668 of Saginaw Metal Casting Operations handed over the contract.

Seventy-three percent of artisans and 75 percent of production members agreed with the deal, according to the local`s Facebook page. But a local UAW leader said the deal has covered workers for the next four years and is “the best deal negotiators could get at that time.” He refused to be identified because he does not have the power to speak for the union. Initial results from two United Auto Workers residents show that the new contract with General Motors Co. is receiving strong support from members. Voting began on Saturday and a simple majority is needed to ratify the treaty. The UAW wants local unions representing workers at 55 GM locations in 19 states to submit their ratification votes by 4 P.m friday. Education sessions and voting times are set by the local units of the union. The official results will only be announced when the votes of all residents are available and calculated. It comes less than a week after the UAW sent a preliminary deal with GM to more than 48,000 employees who are meeting with the Detroit-based automaker. The shutdown, which takes place today on day 36, is the longest nationwide strike against GM since 1970.

UAW leaders voted to keep members on the picket line, while checking the details and voting on the proposed contract. So far, the limited results seem favourable to ratification. Local 160, which represents 1,335 workers at the GM Tech Center in Warren, voted on the provisional deal on Sunday, with 85 percent voting yes to ratification. Wage increases, health protection and changes in temporary workers are good in the provisional agreement, Yakim said, but without guaranteed product allowance, it won`t matter. The UAW needs a simple majority to approve the contract. Each resident holds a vote and forwards the results to the UAW International Office, which collects all the money. In the coming days, some 46,000 UAW members will vote at General Motors on whether to ratify or reject a 2019 interim agreement. Fabbro, who has been involved in the negotiations for the past 12 years, knows that the provisional agreement will not please everyone.

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