About Us

The culmination of over 80 years experience in Breakdown recovery operations and manufacturing, Recovery World are truly a millennial company Established in 2000. Offering top quality innovative systems to serve all types and sizes of Recovery and Transportation businesses. Our passion, innovative, forward thinking, aside our customer orientated core values sets us apart from the competition, we are always offering trucking jobs, which is why we have the best team.

Passion: A team to build and maintain relationships with our customers, now our most valued friends.

Innovation: State of the art Technology and communication with our customers.

Forward thinking: Always working on the next big thing in Recovery.

Experience: Value passed on to the modern day customer.

“When Recovery World started, we had a vision: that there were better ways of doing things and the customer deserved more. We could see there were other ways to supply the industry and it needed something innovative to bring it out of the dark ages and into the modern world. We knew that with our experience and expertise we were best placed to do this. Since then we have grown and diversified to become the nationwide company we are today, leaders in our field with a reputation for reliability and quality.”

Lynn and Mac Engledew, founding members


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