Spec Lift Legallity

We have been asked on numerous occasions by our customers about this subject and have now had confirmation from Hughes Guide herunterladen. In summary, the rule is – You are not allowed to tow a vehicle weighing over 750kg on a spec lift over as it is classed un-braked trailer. However, you are exempt from this law if the vehicle is broken down microsoft office 2007 voor mac gratis downloaden.


The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 Part II B

Regulations 15 and 16

Braking systems which comply with EEC or ECE Regulations (Regulation 15) or which comply with Schedule 3 of the Construction and Use Regulations (Regulation 16) are required to be fitted to all motor vehicles and trailers except :-

A broken down vehicle,

Regulation 19

Application of brakes of trailers

Where a trailer is drawn by a motor vehicle the driver (or in the case of a locomotive one of the persons employed in driving or tending the locomotive) shall be in a position readily to operate any brakes required by these Regulations to be fitted to the trailer as well as the brakes of the motor vehicle (or in the case of a locomotive a person other than one of the persons employed in driving or tending the locomotive) is in a position and competent efficiently to apply the brakes of the trailer herunterladen. Provided that this regulation shall not apply to a trailer which :-

(a) in compliance with these Regulations, is fitted with brakes which automatically come into operation on the overrun of the trailer; or

(b) is a broken down vehicle being drawn, whether or not in consequence of a breakdown, in such a manner that it cannot be steered by its own steering gear amazon purchased music download.

Source – Hughes Guide see also http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1986/1078/part/II/chapter/B/made