LED Marker Lamp, LEDAmber 12/24V Rubbolite


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LED Marker Lamp, LEDAmber 12/24V Rubbolite

Product Code: LIGH-M-150

£ 11.1 Exc. VAT

Product Description:
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Model 891 12/24v LED Side marker lamp with integral reflex reflector and 500mm fly-lead

The model 890 has taken the previously popular model 595 marker lamp to another level; by introducing a LED lamp, as well as making it dual polarised and able to work at 12/24v download a1 certificate. This, coupled with the integral reflex reflector, makes the model 890 a popular, reliable and durable lamp. The LED provides a powerful, long lasting light but this is protected by a tough rubber housing and acrylic lens, as well as having a secure superseal connector soundcloud track downloaden.

Dual voltage and dual polarity 12/24V LED Marker Lamp with Integral Reflex Reflector is E approved.