Steck BigEasy Extend


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Steck BigEasy Extend

Product Code: LOCK130

£ 12.00 Exc. VAT

Product Description:
  • Works with all versions of BigEasy Lockout kits
  • The BigEasy Extend (P/N 32905) is a simple and inexpensive device that snaps on to the BigEasy to open locked cars which require extra length to reach emergency floor release handles, keys in ignition and opposite side door handles
  • This avoids the need to purchase additional and more costly speciality tools
  • The BigEasy Extend is made from glass-filled nylon, which provides a strong but flexible tool to adapt to any angle required to complete the unlocking process. Mould-injected with reflective substances which will ‘Glo’ after absorbing sunlight
  • For use with tinted windows and headlights for night time lockouts
  • Can also be used with the BigEasy Loop and, if additional length is required, you can add 12” by snapping on a second BigEasy Extend