Ontime Goes the Extra Mile to Help London Marathon

When the organisers of the Virgin London Marathon wanted to ensure a clear course for more than 35,000 competitors they chose a team from Ontime Automotive’s Parking Solutions and Rescue and Recovery Divisions to provide it.

Ontime organised a taskforce consisting of 12 crews, equipped with twelve street lifters and the team was in action as early as 4.30 a.m. to carry out an initial reconnaissance sweep of the entire course.

By 5.30 a.m. the project had moved into report back and contact mode, attempting to identify owners and minimising disruption. At the conclusion of a successful and seamless operation some 42 vehicles were safely moved ensuring that the runners were unimpeded and that essential vehicles such as Police, Emergency Services and Media crews had unfettered access as necessary.

Virgin London Marathon is one of the biggest open events in the World, attracting a live television audience running into hundreds of millions, so unattended vehicles around the course are a hazard that cannot be allowed. The huge logistical challenge requires the maximum of free access – just one example is that 1,250 portable toilets will be moved in and out to “facilitate” the event.

A spokesman speaking for the organisers commented “When we appointed Ontime Parking Solutions and Ontime Rescue and Recovery, we did so because we had faith in their technical competence and also their clear sense of commitment to the task.

We must have complete confidence in our service providers to help guarantee that one of London’s flagship events goes smoothly.

I’m pleased to say that Ontime ticked all the boxes”.

Eddie Lewis, Director of Ontime’s Parking Solutions Division, says “Working inside a very tight “window” of time certainly concentrates the mind. Our guys are used to providing a rapid response and it was rewarding to know we had helped an event which raises over £50million for charity”.