New V5C Certificate Introduced

Mike Penning the junior transport minister, said the new car registration certificates would stop motorists becoming victims of crime

The Government has introduced a new vehicle registration certificate in a bid to cut down of motorists being targeted by criminals.

In a move that will be of interest to car insurance providers, Mike Penning said the the re-designed V5C certificates will “help buyers to protect themselves”.

He added that the new certificates had been introduced “as a matter of urgency”.

All new cars registered from August 15 will be issued with the new certificate.

And changes to any previously registered vehicle will also be given a new V5C. This includes any change of owner or address.

In a written statement to MPs, Mr Penning said: “I am introducing the new certificate as a matter of urgency to help protect motorists from vehicle crime following the theft of a number of blank certificates in 2006.

“Vehicles have been stolen, cloned and sold to consumers using some of the stolen V5Cs.

“Buyers often mistakenly believe the V5C to be proof of ownership of a vehicle. This is not the case.

“The new V5C, which is a different colour, will make it clear the document is not proof of ownership and will help draw to an end the threat posed by the stolen documents.”

The re-designed V5C will be issued to all remaining vehicles from July 2011 when they are next re-licensed or declared to be off the road.

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