Lower National Speed Limit Ruled Out

The government has said that lower speed limits should be adopted on single-carriageway roads where “risks are relatively high”, but has ruled out a widespread reduction the national limit. A statement on the Prime Minister’s Office website says it will now provide guidance to highway authorities that, on single carriageway roads where the national speed limit applies, lower limits should be adopted where there is evidence that a lower limit would reduce casualties. It follows an online petition signed by 45,580 people asking the government to not reduce the national speed limit to 50mph. Jo Tanner, Freight Transport Association director of communications, believes the problem with government guidance is that it might influence some councils to reduce speed limits for HGVs to 40mph or less on roads where there will be no road safety benefit. “Having varying speed limits for different local authorities could make driving long distances across England very confusing and make drivers more susceptible to unintentional speeding offences,” she adds. Jack Semple, Road Haulage Association policy director, says: “This early clarification is welcome and, so far as we can see, means little change from the current situation. “It will have little effect on HGVs. I would stress that van drivers – as all drivers – must drive responsibly and adapt their speed to road conditions.” Add Your Comments Taken from:Roadtransport.com