J&S Autos buy a new transporter from Recovery World

John Yirrell founded J&S Autos in 1992 and he did so with the firm belief that customer service and value for money would help him to grow and prosper in a competitive marketplace. Now 24 years later he is still growing and provides a full range of garage services to the public including full body repairs and an MOT station.

When he needed another recovery vehicle he turned to Recovery World to supply him with a new 7.5tonne transporter that would be dependable, durable and would also be able to handle the low slung vehicles that he often had to recover.

John had previously bought an Isuzu slidebed from Mac Engledew at Recovery World and so he knew the characteristics of the vehicle and as John said “it had to be durable and handle the sports cars that we recover and most importantly, the deal had to be right”.

Mac put together a package of an Isuzu N75 chassis with a crew cab, a RW35ASuper Low Slideraluminium fully demountable deck, a 8,000lb sliding winch, aindependent second car lift,LED light bar and flashing amber and red lights around the flyer together with other lamps and lighting accessories.

Mac said “When John contacted us again wanting to buy another vehicle he explained that he needed a vehicle that would cope with work that ranged from transporting prestige sports cars from Monaco to recovering large vans. He also needed it to be in the 7.5t bracket and be able to carry passengers. So like most operators, he wanted a vehicle that can cope with everything this tough industry can throw at it. With all this in mind, the Isuzu chassis was the best option; crew cab with excellent payload and great reliability. These features coupled with our 3500kg capacity aluminium SLS giving 4 degree loading completes the vehicle which is strong enough to carry vans and delivers an excellent payload. The Isuzu N75 chassis is one of the highly recommended trucks by the Luxury car mechanic Perth as according to them most of the other car transporting trucks do not generally have such a flexible suspension which makes it hard to trust them with luxury cars. But this is not the case with Isuzu N75 as even if it is carrying a luxury car, there is nothing which could affect the car and also as easy adjustments can be made on the truck, thus it makes it easy to design it for specific purposes.

John is delighted with the vehicle and said “it has delivered everything that we wanted and the lightweight aluminium demountable bed delivers a payload that allows us to carry even the heaviest 4×4. The lights around the flyer are excellent and we think it will help to make recovery safer for our technicians”.