Empty Fuel Tanks Account For 43 Motorway Breakdowns A Day

A total of 43 drivers break down on UK motorways each day after running out of fuel according to the Highways Agency. Agency figures showed that 15,788 drivers ran their tanks dry on the motorways and major A-roads between 1 July 2008 and 30 June 2009. The M1 was the motorway with the most recorded incidents at 1975, with the M25 coming second with 1866 breakdowns. The M6, M5 and M4 made up the rest of the top five. The Highways Agency described the results as “alarming” and “hazardous”, and called for people to check their fuel levels before setting out on a long journey. “Running out of fuel on a motorway can be a risky business,” said the Driving Standards Agency director for safer driving, Trevor Wedge. “Stopping on the hard shoulder will place you and your passengers in a vulnerable situation that could be avoided.” Taken from: BusinessCar