Denby 83 Foot Truck Trial

The Road Haulage Association is supporting one of its long-standing members, Newark based Denby Transport as the company takes to the road in a 83 foot truck. “Denby Transport is a well-respected, well-established and innovative company”, said RHA spokesperson Kate Gibbs. “They are to be congratulated on, quite literally, taking the bull by the horns in an effort to establish what constitutes ‘legality’ in respect of these longer, heavier vehicles. “Denby’s are making an active contribution to a debate that has been rumbling on for years”, she continued. “They firmly believe that these vehicles will save customers time and money, speed up the recovery of the UK economy, ease congestion, and reduce CO2 emissions and other pollution. Surely this has to be good news?” “This is an important issue and today represents a serious test on a number of points. Denby’s decision to run this trial is based on legal advice that their vehicle is legal as the law stands now and that the Department for Transport’s interpretation of the law is incorrect. We have supported lengthy representations to the DfT on this issue and attended many meetings on the issue. “Denby Transport wishes to clarify the law – not break it. As it is apparently unable to do so without putting the vehicle on the public highway, that is what they propose to do, with our support,” concluded Kate Gibbs Taken from: BBC News video: RW Update: The vehicle was stopped by police at the Denby gates and didn’t make it on to the public highway.