Vehicle Buying Guide

To be considered when buying a vehicle: HPI Checks should be carried out on any vehicle before buying it to ensure it is not on finance. Cost around £20.00 What weight are the vehicles you wish to carry – ensure the vehicle you buy has the adequate payload & useable bed length.




Prestige & performance:

Traffic Management:

For illegally parked, or without tax &/or insurance vehicles:

Recovery or RTA work:

  • Transporters
  • Accident units
  • Crew cabs for additional journey occupants

Roadside Breakdown:

  • Vans equipped with tool & accessories
  • Recovery van with Rapid Deployment Unit (for low mileage recovery)
  • Speclift for suspended recovery


Euro 3 engine standard meet London LEZ legislation till 2012. Early 2000 registered vehicles are usually Euro 3; however some vehicles before this date would meet the required standard with a simple omission test.

Euro 4 engines will take you beyond 2012.

Other major UK cities are considering the way forward with LEZ

For small to medium size car recovery the 3.5ton recovery vehicles have become very popular due to their high fuel economy & low mileage costs. They are also currently exempt for the LEZ


If passed test since 01/01/97 can drive up to 3.5ton, an additional test is required for 7.5ton. Pre 1997 allows you to drive up to 7.5ton. You must be over 21 & have taken HGV test to drive over 7.5ton.


Vehicles up to 3.5ton are exempt from tacho & O license

Over 3.5ton exemption is available for breakdown recovery within a 60 mile radius of base.


O License is required by any goods carrying vehicles e.g. delivering courtesy cars, redeliveries, dealer transfers etc., any vehicle that is not broken down or immobilised. There are two categories of ‘O’License; full operators license & restricted.


Most commercial vehicles require a ministry test/MOT. The only vehicles which are exempt are purpose built spectacle and under lifts over 3.5ton GVW. A slidebed with a spectacle lift fitted must be tested, as do spectacle lifts up to 3.5ton GVW.

For assistance on the purchase of the above contact an experienced & reputable vehicle broker such as Recovery World , who have been on the front line of both on-the-job recovery operations & manufacture of recovery equipment. They will be able to advise you on the laws often over looked by vehicle owners either through ignorance or just to secure a sale.