Into the Den

At the invitation of Chairman Brian Hagan I was delighted to take up an offer to meet the ERRI Group following on from my continual criticisms of their intentions. Firstly I must say how well I was received. Not unexpectedly, I had to endure some constructive criticism from the Group but I sensed that they understood many of the points that I have focused on and are concerns for most operators.

I think my biggest mistake was not realising that the Group has chosen a much narrower remit, therefore some of my criticisms were not theirs to rectify.

When I was using words to describe the Group I failed to realise the passion that most of the Group have for what they are trying to do and there certainly are enough people with enough experience to get done what they need to do.

I still think it is a pity that there are two Associations still missing because, if the numbers at the meeting were correct, two more Associations would provide an excellent balance.

After these various exchanges I have now decided to let them get on and prove to us all that they can do some good, especially as Brian Hagan’s closing words were: “We are not here to make new regulations.” (That impressed me.) And of course now everybody is watching.

I did have to point out that I am not being stoked by any Association, only by my own thoughts which are continually fuelled by the many Operators who make contact with me and send me various documents.

As I write this letter I am suddenly made aware that the PAS 43 document has shot up to £49. I ask: who the hell is responsible for this? Be warned, you could be next on my list!

Fred Henderson,
Durham City.