New Ideas from New Blood

Just when we think there are no good ideas left, what should appear on my screen but one of the best suggestions I have seen for years, but what is more impressive is that it appears to have been put out by young Sam Burke, who is trying to raise the number of signatures to get Parliamentary approval to allow operators to carry portable blue/red light beacons (one per company), to be used in a dire emergency to save life and limb. Sadly, I doubt it will get anywhere near the 100,000 signatures required to enter into debate. I doubt whether it will raise a thousand signatures, mainly because of the apathy that is around our industry.

It is worth remembering on the plus side that blue lights are not the sole domain of the Police. There are at least 6 or 7 other organisations that use blue light beacons and for us to be added in the way that has been suggested is a positive way forward.

Take another look at this idea; isn’t it something that our intrepid ERRI Group should be working on? But then, they don’t seem to work on anything except this unloved ‘R’ Licence: what happened to the use of bus lanes; the use of red flashing lights (now taken up by the RHA); or, of course, the big LEZ (London Emissions Zone)? I suspect they are probably most of the time asleep at the wheel.

Come on everybody! Let’s get behind Sam and get this initiative at least talked about.

The problem looming for this sort of proposal is that it can fail for no other reason than the wrong person created it in the first place.

Sign the petition now :

Fred Henderson,
Breakdown Doctor