D & G Cars makes exclusive commitment to Recovery World

The long-standing relationship between D & G Cars and Recovery World has been cemented even further with the news that D & G will use Recovery World exclusively to buy, and sell, all their new and used vehicles. “We’ve been working with Recovery World for a number of years now,” says D & G Managing Director, Dennis Harding, “and over that time we’ve built up a great deal of trust, so much so that they have keys to our secure storage areas where they can organise viewings and so on without us needing to be involved. As well as dealing with every aspect of the sale or purchase they now also handle all financial transactions on our behalf. So strong is the relationship between us now that even if people approach us direct we always refer them straight back to Mac Engledew at Recovery World,” Dennis adds. Among recent sales Recovery World have made on D & G’s behalf are eight vehicles from Mondial Assistance (when they decided to pack up recovery operations), while they also sold 5 more vehicles just in the last few weeks. There are certain to be many, many more, all ultimately down to the exceptional quality of service Recovery World provides and for which it is renowned throughout the industry. More on D & G Cars at www.dgcars.com