Allianz Business Partnership Agreement

The aim of the partnership is to offer new car insurance products together in Wrisk`s mobile application. In addition, this will be delivered with automakers at the point of sale. The joint venture intends to invest up to 5 billion euros through various sources of financing: equity, long-term subordinated loan and non-recourse external financing. The investments will be distributed over the six-year period, Telefénica will invest up to EUR 0.5 billion in equity and the alliance will invest up to EUR 1.0 billion via various instruments. This business opportunity allows Telefénica to crystallize the value of its know-how while preserving the group`s financial priorities, for the benefit of all stakeholders, through a siloed and unconsolidated structure. Allianz Partners has signed a partnership agreement with the British company Insurtech Wrisk with the Allianz Automotive division. This document is an enterprise agreement between you and the company. It stands out against the Banking, Finance and Insurance Award 2010 (Award) and sets the minimum conditions for your employment in the company. The partnership between Allianz Global Assistance and Locomote provides for the integration of travel insurance services into Locomote`s travel platform. Companies can choose Allianz Global Assistance`s travel insurance and by-products to manage and access their business travel through Locomote`s technology solution to ensure that employees are insured on the road. In addition to providing personalized insurance and support services to the growing business travel industry, the agreement includes a chain partnership in which Allianz Global Assistance can offer customers a customized travel solution with Locomote. Philip Weinman, Locomote`s vice president, said the partnership with Allianz Global Assistance has a common interest in protecting business travellers everywhere. The two companies are joining forces to protect business travellers in Melbourne, with technology company Locomote one of the fastest growing technology companies in Australia.

Locomote is a global company and allows companies to manage all aspects of their business travel, including bookings, duty of care, authorization, budgets and expenses – from any device in the world.