Recovery Trucks – Worth Their Weight In Gold For Bodyshops!

When people need bodywork repairs, it doesn’t matter whether they are paying for it themselves or if it’s part of an insurance claim, patience often goes out the window, and they want their pride and joy back yesterday. Therefore it’s critical not only for efficiency but also for good customer relations to get their vehicle into the bodyshop as quickly as possible so work can commence. Similarly when the job is completed, efficient delivery reduces stockholding while also keeping customers happy. Busy bodyshops like Crawley Down Accident Repair Centres at Crawley and Copthorne in West Sussex find that 70-80% of their work requires the vehicle being collected or delivered. Never being sure whether the car is safe to drive, collections are usually done by transporting on a flat bed or twin deck recovery vehicle. Brian Suckling of Crawley Down commented, “We run 2 recovery trucks which are in constant use daily. We use twin deck vehicles because we can transport more vehicles without increasing labour or fuel costs so they’re more cost effective.” “We bought our trucks from Recovery World. They hold a wide selection of new and used vehicles in stock, are competitively priced, but more importantly they provide an excellent service. Twin deck supplied to Crawley Down by Recovery World. One of our recovery trucks was recently out of service for repair, which would have had a marked impact on job turnaround. Through Recovery World, we were able to hire a replacement vehicle which they delivered to site the next day, so we could continue without any interruption.” Body repair companies under contract to insurance companies must be able to provide a good, reliable service at reasonable cost. Having recovery vehicles is a real asset as it provides full control over collection and delivery, an essential part of the repairers operation, and creates a professional image in the eyes of both contractors and customers They are also an effective marketing tool as the trucks are often the only part of the business that the general public get to see unless they are involved in an accident. Brain added, “It’s important that we have the right vehicles for the job, and reliable after sales service. That way we can continue providing a first class service, and retain a happy customer base.”

Twin deck supplied to Crawley Down by Recovery World.