Tow truck driver accused of pulling a gun on disgruntled car owner

A Bluffton tow truck operator having a stash of AR-15 upper receivers in his truck faces a felony charge for pulling a gun when he was confronted by the owner of the car he was trying to tow Thursday in Bluffton, according to a Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office report. Phillip Robinowich, 23, works for Morris Towing, which has a contract with the Edgefield subdivision to tow cars in the road, the report stated. The vehicle’s owner told authorities he ran up to the tow truck and yelled at the driver to find out what was going on but received no response. The owner said he then jumped on the back of the tow truck to try to get his vehicle off its tow bar but jumped off when he heard the operator “rack” a gun and point it out the window. Robinowich and a co-worker quickly drove away but returned a few minutes later to wait for sheriff’s officials, the report stated. In the tow truck’s glove box, a deputy found a loaded semiautomatic handgun. Robinowich told the deputy he pulled the gun from the glove box during the confrontation because he was scared when the vehicle’s owner began hitting his cab window and yelling at him. Robinowich said he only waved the gun in the air and never pointed it at anyone. He was arrested, jailed and charged with pointing or presenting a firearm. Taken From