Tow truck driver arrested

A tow truck driver was arrested for allegedly failing to stop when the vehicle’s owner requested his truck be returned. According to deputies, on June 14, Anthony Carbone Jr parked his box truck in his girlfriend’s driveway and was loading her belongings into the box truck around 2 a.m. While he and a friend took a five minute break, they heard noises outside. Carbone said he ran outside because he thought someone was stealing the truck. “Like any normal person, I went screaming like a maniac yelling, ‘Stop, that’s my truck!'” he said. Instead, a tow truck was towing the box truck away. Carbone told deputies he caught up with the tow truck driver at the gate of the neighborhood. Carbone told deputies the tow truck driver refused to release the truck because it his company’s policy was not to stop once a vehicle is hooked up, reports said. The driver, later identified as Alberto Loases, told Carbone he would have to go to the 4-M tow yard to get his truck back. When Carbone went to the tow lot to retrieve his vehicle, he was originally quoted a price of $235, but eventually paid $170 to get his vehicle back, reports said. Deputies arrested Loases July 21 and he was charged with failing to return the vehicle for half the allowable rate as required by Florida Statute. “The way everything happened, I felt like there were a few things that were illegal that went on,” said Carbone. In addition, deputies said the $170 charged to Carbone was in excess of the amount allowable by state law. If you are ever in need of informationg about these industries, companies like Canadian Towing can help.  Story taken from ABC News