Thinking about coming along to the Tow Show… or are you too busy?

Professional Recovery Editor Dave Gregory is passionate about the recovery industry and the Tow Show is a chance to meet work providers and catch up with friends. So why don’t you all attend?
You’d be surprised at the amount of operators that I talk to on a regular basis that say: “No, I didn’t make the show last year, a big ‘roll-over happened’ or ‘one of my control room staff was off and I had to cover for him’. The Tow Show is on for two days each year. This year it is Thursday and Friday, 11-12 September at the Telford International Centre. Admission and parking is free and Telford is just 35 miles from Birmingham with motorway (M6 and M54) all the way – so we think it is fairly central for both southern and northern operators to reach.

So, why don’t you come along? The common excuses about emergency jobs and shortage of staff are valid reasons but they shouldn’t stop you attending YOUR Show!

In the past few months I have interviewed several operators and many of them have credited the Tow Show as helping them build their business and in one case the Tow Show was instrumental in saving his business after the loss of a major contract.

He came along to the Tow Show and picked up a couple of big contracts and that helped him fill some holes in his schedules. He is now functioning at a higher level than when he relied on one club to furnish him with a major part of his business.

Another operator who had been out of the industry for several years and was seduced back into it, used the Tow Show to help build his portfolio up and he is now looking at expanding his service to a wider geographical area and it all started with some friendly discussions at the Tow Show.

I’m a publisher by trade and I’ve probably been one for far too long, since 1960 to be frank. It is easy to think there is nothing left to learn about your specific industry but I have been proved wrong and to be honest it was quite recently.

A casual discussion with a fellow publisher at a networking event has saved my company several thousand pounds a month!

This year’s Tow Show has by far the biggest number of work providers that we have ever had. They are not just there to give you a free coffee and a company pen – they are there to talk to you about your ambitions for your company, your expansion plans and how you can both work together to achieve and implement those plans.

I say every year that the one day you should take away from your business is the Tow Show. Either Thursday or Friday, make the effort to come along. It might be the best business decision you have taken this year!

So, come September, make sure the Tow Show is in your diary. I know work is work but by attending that roll-over or doubling up on a member of staff who is absent, could cost your thousands of pounds!

The Tow Show is YOUR Show and it is a great day out – so make sure September 11-12 is in your diary!