Recovery World vehicles upgrade Dynes recovery fleet

Dynes Auto Services with their head office at Crayford, Kent have been established for nearly 70 years and are well known for their range of automotive services which include recovery and vehicle movement.

They have recently been reviewing their recovery fleet to ensure they have the right mix of vehicles, of the right age and delivering the most cost effective recovery solutions to suit their requirements.

They turned to Mac Engledew at Recovery World to help them with their project and he has been able to assist them by supplying a number of vehicles.

Because of Dynes rapid growth as a result of winning new contracts as well as the growth in existing work, they needed a short term solution to cope with the new workloads while the new vehicles were on order. So Dynes turned again to Recovery World to ask for help, Mac explains ‘We managed to improve our delivery times by adjusting our production schedules and in the interim we loaned them a demo Super Low Slide and one of our 12t slidebeds’. Get best slide beds with

Vaughan Rees of Dynes Auto Service said, “We have dealt with Recovery World over a number of years and when we decided to review our fleet, we turned to them again because they had looked after us before and delivered high quality vehicles which were excellent value for money, as well as using their used vehicle website to dispose of our older vehicle’s. They have been very flexible to deal with and I am sure that we will be going back to them again”.

The latest vehicle to be purchased is an Iveco 140E Crew Cab with the Recovery World RW60SLS Super Low Slider. This enables Dynes to move heavier loads and comes with a 7m long slidebed with the very low angle of approach, designed for the recovery of low performance cars right up to large vans with long overhangs which can cause loading issue’s on some vehicle. The RW60SLS comes with large list of standard accessories such as galvanised beacon flyer and large chassis locker and has a range of options which include radio control, an independent second car lift and a number of lighting upgrades.

Mac Engledew at Recovery World has worked with Dynes throughout the project and commented “ Recovery World has been supplying equipment to the industry for a number of years and understands the pressures that operators are under to work efficiently and economically. We worked closely with Vaughan and the staff at Dynes to make sure that we delivered what they needed and when they needed it and were also delighted to help during the transition to the new vehicles”.