Recovery operators negotiate LEZ exemption

With just weeks to go before London recovery operators are forced to comply with the Low Emission Zone a last ditch attempt to make mayor Boris Johnson agree to an exemption is underway.

The Road Haulage Association’s recovery group is trying to schedule eleventh hour talks with bothTransport for London (TfL) and Johnson in order to convince them their strategy has severe implications for people and businesses in the Capital.

In addition, on Wednesday (26th October) a delegation led by Croydon-based recoverer Phil Elliott and UKIP mayoral candidate Lawrence Webb will deliver a letter to TfL demanding operators remain exempt from the LEZ in January.

RHA recovery group chair Nikki King says operators are unable to replace equipment which can cost £750,000 and many cannot afford exhaust filters that cost thousands and do not work.

“We are asking for a discount from TfL,” she says. “We have an exemption from the congestion charge on the grounds that we provide a vital service to London, so we want something similar for the LEZ. The only person who can give us that is Boris Johnson.”

Elliott adds: “In eight weeks’ time there is going to be a major problem. No-one has any money and this recession could turn into a depression. London will face a lack of recoverers.”

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