RAC Trials Connaught Hybrid+ Technology

The RAC is in the process of trailing the Connaught HYBRID+ technology on two of their breakdown and recovery vehicles after recent testing, at a government approved test facility in Bedfordshire, showed the world’s first commercially available retro-fit system reduced both emissions and fuel consumption up to 25%. The patented technology is available now and is being seen by a number of high profile, blue chip companies as a viable option to reduce their carbon footprint and control operating costs whilst retaining the operational performance of their fleet. Hybrid technologies traditionally depend on high voltage and expensive battery packs that ultimately pose environmental disposal problems and increase the weight of the vehicle as well as taking up valuable space. The Connaught HYBRID+ utilises compact super capacitors running at a safe voltage whilst employing the principles of regenerative braking. Commenting on the trial Steve Lydon, RAC quality manager said, “As a company we are constantly looking for ways of reducing our carbon footprint and reducing costs. The Connaught HYBRID+ technology trials we are undertaking I hope will tick both boxes”. Tony Martindale, Connaught CEO commented “It is now becoming apparent that the HYBRID+ technology is providing operational benefits on a wider range of driving conditions than we anticipated. This not purely a technology for the city operator but a solution applicable to the wider fleet” Story taken from FleetDirectory.co.uk