RW35 Steel Slidebed

Vehicle Info

The Recovery World steel slidebed range is a rugged and effective work horse designed for the 7.5ton – 26ton tonne chassis range and delivering capacity from 3.5 ton – 12ton.

The ultra strong platform comes in a range of lengths with its fishtail end (RW35-RW60 only) giving an excellent loading angle that enables most sports/high performance vehicles to be safely loaded.

With increased durability and longevity of the product by galvanizing the flyer, rear light bar and platform tip before painting, areas that are subject to wear and damage from stone chips, making them vulnerable to rust.

An additional feature to this range is the option of a top deck enabling the operator to carry a second vehicle or even third if a second car lift is included on the vehicle. There is a further option of a flat lying top deck.

Standard Specification

  • All steel body with welded treadplate flooring and fishtailed end
  • Body length up to 21’ (6.4m) approx, depending on chassis wheelbase
  • Galvanised beacon flyer (twin upright posts ‘H’ style frame & mounted in the centre of the body either side of the winch)
  • Body side raves with aluminium capping
  • Large plastic chassis mounted locker
  • 8 deck mounted lashing rings
  • Chassis body locks
  • PTO pump cab mounted air switch
  • Chassis mounted hydraulic tank with filter
  • 8000lb hydraulic winch
  • Twin tilt body rams
  • 12ft slide off ram
  • Lockable valve spool cabinet
  • Winch control
  • 2 rotator light bar with illuminated centre
  • 1 pair of flyer mounted work lamps
  • Transporter straps
  • Body shot blasted, primed and finished in single colour of customer’s choice
  • Subrame shot blasted, primed and paint to match chassis
  • 1 years structural warranty
  • 1 year mechanical warranty
  • Options :

  • Independent 1500 kg capacity Zinc Passivated second car lift with straps
  • Galvanised slidebed subframe
  • Winch radio remote
  • Radio remote holder with micro switch and buzzer
  • Rear LED stop/tail/indicator lamps
  • Side winching capstons
  • Detachable 50mm towball
  • 4 Rotator light bar with illuminted centre section ( Evolution series)
  • 1 pair of spec mounted work lamps
  • Deluxe flyer
  • Wider body with tapered front section (2330 wide instead of 2200 wide)
  • Pivot in bed platform for increased loading angle
  • Aluminium side under run bars
  • Strobe light bar
  • Front mounted stobes
  • LED rear facing lamp clusters
  • Red LED marker lights mounted on flyer
  • Side skirts with built in lockers and painted in single colour
  • Full operation radio remote
  • Aluminium Low approach ramps
  • Additional plastic locker
  • Steel locker instead of plastic
  • Additional steel locker
  • Wrecker kit (broom, shovel, cones, small & large crow bar)
  • Cones & carrier
  • 12V jump socket front & rear with jump leads
  • 12 & 24V Jump sockets front & rear with jump leads
  • Reel Smart winch system
  • Lighting board with fog light storage brackets
  • Wheel buggie galvanised storage with 1 pr of buggies
  • Go-Jack & Buggies skate ramp galvanized
  • 7 pin electrics with 12V dropper
  • Jerry can and storage
  • Paint Cab Only, single solid colour (7.5/10ton GVW)
  • Paint Chassis Only, single solid colour (7.5/10ton GVW)
  • Four round LED lights at rear via smart resister.
  • 3 x Second generation strobes fitted in front grill.
  • Chrome Wheel Trims, price based on chassis
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    Type Approval

    All our vehicles are subject to Whole Vehicle Type Approval which is an area of EU legislation that applies to the standards of all new recovery vehicles manufactured or sold in the EU. Recovery World works closely with all the relevant authorities (VOSA, VBRA, VCA etc) to ensure that all our new vehicles comply with the latest version of this legislation.

    Vehicle finance available

    We have worked with an independent finance company for a number of years, they have helped many of our customers obtain finance, and whilst they are independent from us, we are happy & confident to recommend their service.