My Hero

I cannot possibly allow the opportunity to pass without offering some support for a man who has inspired me. I refer of course to Jeremy Clarkson who is no fool and knows how to get a point over: something our Recovery Industry is lacking.

Not only was he right to draw attention to idle Public Sector workers in the way that he did, but then had the skill when pressured to offer an apology that only these idiots considered to be such. Apparently, 21,000 people complained which leaves I believe something like 59,980,000 people who probably believed every word he said.

Every person who gives all of themselves in a working life of approximately 50 years, deserves a pension and is it fair that a person who gives his life to perhaps working in the Motor Trade or as a Recovery Operator only finishes up with a State Pension of about £140 a week, whereas a Public Sector worker, for example a Police Officer, will finish up with 2/3rds of his salary, because his employer, our brilliant Government or should I say you and me have chosen to pay this disproportionate amount.

Just picture a more perfect world where all old people who have worked, and I say “worked”, have the entire pension fund, public sector and private sector, pooled and then divided by the total number. Surely this would mean that all pensioners would receive more than £200 per week.

How inconsiderate and selfish to be striking over an issue like this only reinforces the greed and contempt that these people have for hard working and decent people. Jeremy Clarkson was so clever when he made the statement: “They should be shot.” because it reinforces the point but at the same time suggests something that is not practical. How many frustrated mums have said to their kids: “Do it again and you are dead, I will kill you.” Once again, like the strikers, it is not a very realistic thing to be happening in a family home, and not half as threatening as stopping pocket money.

What would have been irresponsible of Mr. Clarkson, and I am not suggesting it either, would be something like: “Have a throw- an-egg-at-a-striker day.” Now that would have been a problem. So we don’t want that, do we?

Fred Henderson,
Breakdown Doctor.
December 2011