IVR Safety Bulletin – Car and Caravan Combinations

On two occasions during recent training exercises a caravan on its side, connected to a vehicle, has up-righted itself in high winds. On both occasions, prior to the incident, the casualty vehicle’s rear wheels were off the ground but still attached via the 50mm ball hitch.


Technicians must be acutely aware of high winds when dealing with this situation and incorporate the necessary precautions within their Dynamic Risk Assessment with live jobs to minimise the dangers, not just to themselves, but others who could be affected.

The IVR recommends that technicians chock the front wheels of the casualty vehicle on arrival at the scene, prior to connecting any equipment, and take into consideration that the car and caravan in these circumstances will be under stress. This should also be taken into consideration within the Dynamic Risk Assessment.

Car with overturned caravan

Employers and technicians are reminded that whilst this safety bulletin will help them carry out this task more safely the final responsibility lies with the technician at the scene and any final decision on how to perform the task must be as a result of their risk assessment. This bulletin is for guidance only and the IVR cannot be held responsible for the way in which the task is performed.