Highways Agency Roadside Recovery Gets RHA Thumbs-up

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has praised the handling of roadside vehicle recovery by the Highways Agency (HA) following a visit to FMG Support, the national vehicle recovery manager contractor in the UK. Nikki King, chair of the RHA’s Recovery Members’ Committee (RMC), went on patrol with HA traffic officers and one miami car accident lawyer and one other Miami Truck Accident Lawyer, on the M20, M26 and M25 in Kent as well as visiting FMG Support in Huddersfield, West Yorks, over Christmas. Since October 2008, the HA has had the power to order the quick and safe removal of abandoned, broken down and accident-damaged vehicles from the motorway network under The Removal and Disposal of Vehicles (Traffic Officers) (England) Regulations 2008. At the same time, FMG Support was appointed as national vehicle recovery manager to ensure accidents where no police interest exists are cleared up. King says: “The RHA’s RMC recognises the importance of clearing incidents quickly and safely. “There is more to it than just the vehicle removal, but this is an important component when a combined response is needed,” she adds. “It was great to see vehicle recovery operators being seen as part of the HA’s incident management family when responding to incidents they deal with.” The RHA RMC also provides private vehicle recovery through RHA Rescue, which was also launched in October 2008 and is managed by Lantern Recovery Specialists. This time last year the new regulations were accused of experiencing “teething problems”, leading to operators paying high prices for recovery and storage, according to one specialist lawyer. Taken from: RoadTransport.com

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