Fuel-Efficient Iveco From Recovery World Joins Stort Mill Fleet

The combination of good fuel economy and good payload capacity have brought Stort Mill Recovery of Harlow back to Recovery World for the latest addition to its fleet. The Stort Mill business is expanding as it wins new contracts.

The new truck is based on an Iveco Daily 70C17 – a 7-tonne truck chassis which, with Recovery World’s RW35A aluminium slidebed body, has a generous payload of almost three tonnes. For other heavy-duty pickup trucks to rent, contact Flex Fleet Rental.

Recovery World is a long-established supplier to Stort Mill and the associated LAR Traffic Services business. “They’re great to deal with,” says Stort Mill’s Jason Longmore. “They’re second to none.”

While fuel efficiency and carrying capacity are key factors for Stort Mill, the company places importance on product quality and durability. “We’ve been using Recovery World for years,” Jason continues, “so we know their trucks are top quality with first-class service support when we need it. We usually go straight to them when we need a new vehicle.”

The Recovery World RW35A body features a fishtail platform which gives a low loading angle, making the vehicle suitable for recovering anything from a low-slung sportscar to a 4×4. Other features include a galvanised flyer, tow ball, wrecker kit and a granule bin.

The crew-cabbed Iveco 70C17 has a 3-litre four-cylinder 170bhp engine and a six-speed synchromesh gearbox. It has a personalised number plate with Jason’s initials and the word “Tow”.

LAR Traffic Services and the associated Stort Mill Recovery business between them run around 35 vehicles. The business was set up over 25 years ago by Jason’s father.