Free-to-use Website for Abnormal Loads

The free online service from the Highways Agency, which provides a quick and easy route planning and notification system for hauliers transporting abnormal loads has seen a steady increase in use since its recent upgrade.

ESDAL (Electronic Service Delivery for Abnormal Loads) has been developed to help hauliers save time and to minimise administration costs by easily notifying the relevant road and structure owners, as well as Police and other interested parties, when an abnormal load move is planned.

Since upgrading the service, the number of communications sent to road authorities, structure owners, and Police by hauliers using ESDAL has increased from 14,692 in April to 26,591 in June.

The web-based service was upgraded using feedback from users. Some of the most popular functions requested and now implemented include:

* A-to-B Mapping – ESDAL will automatically plan a route, and return route if required, for the abnormal load movement from the start and end point selected by the haulier. Drag-and-drop anchor points allow the route to be easily modified if required.

* Online collaboration – Road authorities, structure owners and police are able to provide online feedback to the haulier when notifications are made via ESDAL.

* Simplified vehicle entry – A single page is used to enter details of vehicles used in abnormal load movements.

* Notification status – A transmission status page for each notification sent by the haulier.

Paul Furlong, from the Highways Agency, said: “The new enhancements to ESDAL have been received very positively by the industry. This has been demonstrated by increased use since April. ESDAL reduces the administrative burden and modernises the procedures for managing abnormal loads. It significantly improves the planning, management and notification of abnormal load movements.”

Steve Biddell of the Road Haulage Association said: “The Road Haulage Association continues to support the need for a system such as ESDAL. Many hauliers are benefitting from developments already introduced and the completion of the latest phase should further meet the needs of all those involved in the very specialist task of transporting abnormal loads.”

Malcolm Bingham of the Freight Transport Association said: “The Freight Transport Association has been advising abnormal load operators to use ESDAL for some time to ensure that they have the tools to notify movements to the appropriate authorities.”

Hauliers wishing to find out more about ESDAL and register their details online should visit the website at: Alternatively, application forms can be requested by emailing a company name and address to: or by contacting the ESDAL Helpdesk on 01642 636789.

Taken from: HGVUK