Club Rates by Big Tow from the Recovery World Forum

It must be getting to be a bit of a nightmare in work providers control rooms, many operators are having to reject jobs most of which are out of normal hours.
It is becoming more and more difficult to get staff to work at such times at the low rates that are paid by the clubs. As we all know we are expected to operate for the same money and in some cases even less than we received 10 years ago. Staff will not work at weekends and nights for peanuts with the result that we have to refuse jobs.
What I cannot get my head round is that the clubs all say they have no more money available, to me this shows that the clubs are under pricing there product, why should operators have to provide a service at below costs just because the clubs cannot get their pricing structure correct. We only have to look at the state the trade is in with it seems weekly closures of good operators because they have gone broke or see no future in continuing to work at such low rates. The clubs must be getting more and more complaints regarding the service they get.

I also fail to see the logic of why they pay large amounts of money towards financing a very expensive show that only a small percentage of operators attend but cannot pay a fair price per job to the operators. Surely such money should be available to the operators that are supplying the service to their members when this money that is not available then suddenly becomes available and should go to operators not providing a nice profit to the show organisers..