Civ 5 View Trade Agreements

In other words, is there a list of all active agreements or do I always need to check other CIVs in its contractual history? Currently, India exports 20% of all its exports to RCEP countries and receives 35% of all imports. China is the champion of this import-export circuit. It is the largest exporter in almost all the countries of the group, including India. Of India`s $105 billion trade deficit with RCEP countries, China accounts for $53 billion. The last and most complex type of trade is trading deals that you make with other nations. This is done without preconditions (you don`t need to create a network), although of course you need to be at peace with your business partner. The conclusion of trade agreements is the result of diplomatic negotiations initiated either by you or your partner, during which both parties agree to exchange goods or for a specified amount of 30 rounds. In the real world, this type of negotiation is one of the most common topics of diplomatic discussions, although they are usually agreements that establish general rules for trade and not the direct exchange of goods. It was the largest free trade agreement, with 40% of world trade and 35% of GDP, involving 16 countries with 3.6 billion people, half the world`s population.

Today, more than a third of this population will not be part of the Regional Economic Partnership (RCEP). Hopefully they would offer a better overview with a future fix. The remaining 15 countries have decided, at China`s request, to move forward to “isolate” India. The 16 members of the RCEP negotiations were 10 ASEAN members, as well as Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea. But without India, RCEP does not look as attractive as promised during the negotiation phase. A widening trade deficit would drain India`s foreign exchange reserves more quickly. And an exhaustive monetary reserve is never good for an economy and the least desirable for one that is trying to recover. There is only the history of the agreement that you have already found (Diploma -> Diplomacy Overview -> deal history). The history distinguishes between active and older deals, so you only have to check the list of active deals. India`s trade deficit with these countries has nearly doubled in the last five to six years, from $54 billion in 2013-14 to $105 billion in 2018-19. . .