Balgores Motors return to Isuzu for latest transporter fleet order

With the requirement to transport over 250 cars a week between its eleven body shops, East Anglia’s leading accident repair company Balgores Motors has now switched back to Isuzu Truck UK for its internal transport fleet requirements, with the recent addition of eight new Isuzu 7.5 tonne day cab car transporters.

Comprising a mixture of slide bed, low slider and twin deck recovery bodies supplied by Recovery World, the eight new Isuzu N75.190 rigids are now in service for Balgores Motors and are expected to be in their fleet for a three-year working life.

“We have returned to specifying Isuzu as our main vehicle of choice as the intensive nature of our vehicle distribution programme is based on having reliable trucks with proven efficient after sales support. Without doubt, Isuzu ticks all these boxes, “ said Chris Everitt, transport and logistics manager, Balgores Motors.

Chris continues, “Because of the vastly different types of car being transported, we have specified a mixture of transporter bodies on the new Isuzus, all being supplied by long term supplier to the company Recovery World.”

The Isuzu N75.190 rigids have transporter bodies with aluminium slide beds, which provides excellent payload and, combined with the fishtail platform, give excellent loading angles for everything from small cars to large SUVs. The Isuzus with the RW super low slider bodies again give excellent payload and a fantastic load angle that is ideally suited to the high-performance cars with low ground clearance.

Finally, the Isuzus featuring the Recovery World twin deck deluxe bodies are being used for the movement of two large cars and, with folding ramps, give a perfect loading angle with options to transport everything from small and large family cars to sports performance cars.