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Winch Cable Dynaline 10mm x 30m

Product Code: CABL010
£185.00 Exc. VAT
Product Description:

Dynaline is a synthetic fibre rope made from Dyneema® SK75 specifically designed to replace wire winch ropes. Dynaline is a 12 strand construction rope coated with Armourcoat to improve abrasion resistance and help protect the rope from the ingress of dirt and grit.

The benefits for using Dynaline over wire are:-

  • 6x lighter than wire
  • Does not kink
  • No strength loss when overlapped on winch drum
  • 70% stronger than wire
  • Floats
  • Easy to splice
  • No wire splinters

Comparison Table for Wire Vs Dynaline

Minimum Break Load (Kg) Weight Kg per 100m
Diameter (mm) Wire rope 6×36/Wirecore 1770 Dynaline Wire rope 6×36/Wirecore 1770 Dynaline
9 5200 7810 32.2 4.07
10 6420 9850 39.8 5.08