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BHW Delta BH2250 Winch 24V c/w mount, fairlead & cable

Product Code: WINCH010-24V
£590.00 Exc. VAT
Product Description:

Kit includes : Electric Winch, 4.5m heavy duty 2 button wanderlead, mounting plate, roller guides and 8mm x 23m galvanised, 1960Nmm2 grade 6×36 core wire rope with safety latch hook.

  • 2250kg line pull (22.07kN)
  • Powerful series wound, high torque motor options
  • 3 stage planetary gearing, providing high mechanical efficiency
  • Automatic braking action in the drum
  • Easy to operate freespool clutch for disengaging drum
  • Power in / power out
  • Fine control ensures load will not overrun
  • 4 way roller guides and mounting plate
  • Heavy duty 4.5m wanderlead control with emergency stop
  • Wire rope positively secured to drum using keyhole slot engagement