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RDT HD – Rapid Deployment Transporter Heavy Duty

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Full Specification ..

  • Easy to Use
  • Multi-fit - wide range of vehicles
  • Transferrable - to replacement vehicle
  • Deployed using on-board winch
  • Adjustable track - vehicles 0.995m to 1.945m
  • Max casualty weight - 2400kg
  • Max axle load - 1250kg
  • Trailer wheel size - 6/10H wheel
  • Trailer tyre size - 195/55R10
  • Multi use winch - lowers RDT to road and loads casualty vehicle
  • Less then 10 mins from arrival to the scene
  • Quick and easy storage after use


  • The standard RDT has been designed so that it can be carried in the rear of most panel vans when not in use, thereby providing a multi-purpose vehicle for the repair/recovery business.
  • The onboard winch assists in both the deployment and vehicle loading enabling the casualty vehicle to be towed away within 10 minutes of arrival at the scene.
  • The innovative steering of the RDT ensures excellent handling and tyre life for the RDT.


  • The RDT is available with an over-run system. The braking system has been engineered to ensure maximum brake performance without compromising the excellent handling characteristics of the standard RDT.


  • For increased visibility in poor light conditions, the RDT can be fitted with wheel arch marker lights. This option also provides a convenient wheel arch mounted socket wired for the trailer lighting board.

Suspension & the motorcycle adaptor

  • To enable the RDT to be operated other than a towing implement, the RDT can be fitted with suspension and the motorcycle adaptor kit. This transforms the unit from a vehicle recovery tool to amotorcycle transporter.
  • The RDT winch is used to provide single handed loading of the casualty bike and the secure mounting arrangements ensures a wide range of bikes and scooters can be accommodated on the unit.
  • This motorcycle adaptor further improves the versatility of the RDT to the repair/recovery business.

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Type Approval

All our vehicles are subject to Whole Vehicle Type Approval which is an area of EU legislation that applies to the standards of all new recovery vehicles manufactured or sold in the EU. Recovery World works closely with all the relevant authorities (VOSA, VBRA, VCA etc) to ensure that all our new vehicles comply with the latest version of this legislation.

Vehicle finance available

We have worked with CV Finance Ltd for a number of years, they have helped many of our customers obtain finance, and whilst they are independent from us, we are happy & confident to recommend their service.